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Indian Wedding Catering styles

When it comes to Indian wedding catering, there are various styles to choose from depending on your budget, themes, customs & your location. India a culturally diverse country has different wedding catering options in different regions. From the lavish thalis of the north to the fiery curries of the south, from the grandeur of a traditional sit-down dinner to food truck options, we will delve into the myriad of options in Indian wedding catering styles.

Indian Wedding Catering styles

Traditional Sit-Down Dinner: A formal dining experience where guests enjoy a meal at leisure. In South India a banana leaf lunch is a traditional wedding catering style. This type of wedding catering is classic & has been followed throughout the years.

Buffet style:
Guests can serve themselves to wide spread of food arranged on long tables. If you would like to have different cuisines, manage a huge crowd, buffet style is best suited

Cocktail reception: Appetizers & small bites are served; guests can enjoy their time together while eating. This is a great option for a more relaxed and social atmosphere.

Food Station: Similar to a buffet style, different food stations are kept throughout the venue, each offering a specific type of cuisine, such as live food counter, dessert corner, pani puri stalls.

Food trucks: A trendy & upcoming wedding catering style in Indian weddings. Food trucks are brought in to serve a variety of street food options – you can have a shawarma station, chat items etc.,

Vegan catering: Specialized catering options for guests, offering them delicious plant-based vegan options is gaining popularity in Indian weddings.

International Cuisine: A diverse menu that incorporates cuisine from various cultures, such as Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, or Japanese, allowing for a unique culinary experience.

Fusion Menus: Combining Indian flavors with other international cuisines, creating a unique and modern culinary experience.

Live Food Stations: Live cooking stations featuring popular Indian street food like chaat, dosas, and kebabs. Guests can interact with chefs and customize their dishes.

Thali Service: A traditional style where each guest is served a platter (thali) with a selection of different dishes, including rice, bread, curries, dal, and desserts. It provides a balanced and full Indian meal experience.

Regional Specialties: Highlighting the cuisine of a particular region of India, such as Punjabi, Bengali, South Indian, or Rajasthani, and offering dishes unique to that area.

Chai and Lassi Stations: Serving traditional Indian beverages like masala chai and lassi, allowing guests to customize their drinks.

Indian wedding catering is about creating a memorable culinary experience & the choice of catring style depends on the couple’s regional background, cultural background & their personal preferences on food. India has a rich & diverse culinary heritage, offering a wide range of catering options to cater to different tastes & traditions.