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Unlocking the Secrets of Wedding Dress Shopping!

Your wedding dress is a big par of your wedding day. Many brides have envisioned their wedding dress long before they have fixed a date for their wedding. It’s an important choice to be made and there are many factors to consider when the bride chooses her wedding wear.

How to choose your perfect bridal lehenga?

When it comes to choosing your bridal lehenga it can be difficult to know where to start. The shopping experience of your bridal lehenga can be both exciting & overwhelming.

1.Know your shape: You have seen a beautiful bridal lehenga & your pretty sure its your wedding dress. But things may seem different at the time of your trial, the bridal lehenga that you loved may not be the best fit for you. The reason would be your body type, as there are many body shapes & different types of bridal lehengas that hug your body & your curves differently. Before you go on different websites & shopping spree, know your body type & choose your bridal lehenga accordingly

2.Choose the right fabric: The fabric of your bridal lehenga matters just as much as the style you choose. The overall look of your outfit can be completely different when it comes to fabric. Not just your look but there is also the matter of right fabric for your skin type. If you are allergic to a particular type of fabric, its better to know before hand. Most bridal lehengas are made of silk, georgette, satin 7 chiffon. Choose the bridal lehenga that suits your skin tone.

3.Selecting the right color for you: You might already have an idea about the color of your bridal lehenga you want to wear. And you might also have an idea of which colors suit you best. But, this may differ when choosing your bridal lehenga. Traditionally the majority of brides preferred red for their bridal lehenga but now the bridal fashion industry has evolved drastically & there are so many colors like pastels, mixed, quirky colors to choose from. Also keep in mind the lighting that the lighting will be completely different at a wedding & this will have an impact on your bridal lehenga.

4.Deciding on the length of your bridal lehenga: Though traditionally most bridal lehengas are full length, knee-length lehengas are gaining popularity amongst brides for their mehndi & sangeet. Decide on your bridal lehenga length based on your style & the formality of your function.

5.Design selection: There are thousands of bridal lehengas available. From the traditional motifs to abstract designs, bridal lehengas have evolved a great deal. Choose the one that goes well along with the lehenga fabric & the one that suits you best.

6.Budget-friendly: Setting your budget should be your top priority before you indulge in shopping. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you narrow down your options & the designers you plan to visit. Budget-friendly doesn’t mean cheap, it means how much you are willing to spend.

7.Comfort above all: You love the bridal lehenga you have set your eyes on. But wearing it you might not get the same feel. The weight, the embellishments, the fabric type all matters for your comfort. Wedding days are hectic and you might have to wear it for a long time, choose the one that make you beautiful & is comfortable for you.