You’re engaged? First a happy congratulations! The next question would be “so when is your wedding? “.

The moment you fix your wedding, the first question in your mind and the one that everyone around you will ask is about your wedding date. This is the first step in planning your wedding & the crucial one. Once you fix your wedding date, you can book your other vendors – wedding venue, wedding decorator and so on.

There are many things to consider before you fix a date, it’s important to decide on these things before you start printing your invitations.

10 Questions to ask yourself before choosing your wedding date:

1. About the weather: Is it a rainy season, summer or a cold day?

The kind of wedding that you can plan depends on this very question. Do you want a summer day wedding, a picture-perfect rainy wedding or cool breeze wedding? Let’s say you want an outdoor wedding, choosing a wedding date during rainy season is not feasible. Keep in mind about the weather conditions when choosing your wedding date.

2, Are there any family events or work events on this date?

If there are already events on this date, you & your close friends will be in a dilemma & this would create unnecessary tensions or people missing out on your wedding day.

3. Is the date available for all your closed ones?

You want your closed one, your family, friends & relatives to be on your day. You don’t have to check with each & everyone about their availability, but cross check with the people that you definitely need on your wedding day.

4. Do you have enough time to plan the wedding?

It doesn’t make sense to book a wedding date that is only a month away unless you have a very pressing reason. It takes time to plan your wedding, do your research & shop for your wedding. But yes, you can plan a 12-month wedding or a 3-month wedding as per your time. This completely depends on you. Just be sure the planning doesn’t overwhelm you &you have enough time to enjoy the process.

5. Will you have enough time to save money from now until this date?

Whether you have a grand wedding or intimate wedding, it’s the budget that you fix for the wedding. Have you already saved the amount or do you need some time? Its your wedding, your budget, your pace. Choose the date that you are comfortable with.

6. Will guests abroad have enough time to make necessary travel plans to attend?

If you have lots of wedding guests or your closed ones coming from different places of the country or abroad, give them enough time to plan their travel & to make sure they can be part of your wedding day. If you are planning your guest’s accommodation & transportation to the wedding venue, you need time yourself to plan the details & this takes time.

7. Are there any holidays on this date that can affect the prices?

Generally during auspicious dates, every wedding vendor is in high demand. But when it comes to major holidays, the cost might be higher, so be sure to check if it’s the case & plan accordingly. This stands true to not just your main vendors like the wedding venue etc., If you are planning to book hotel rooms, holiday season could affect the prices.

8. Is your dream wedding venue available on this date?

The one thing that couples dream of before fixing their wedding date is the wedding venue. If you have a dream venue in your mind, enquire the availability for your preferred date. Wedding venues these are days on high demand and couples book them well ahead in time.

9. Consider peak wedding dates vs off peak wedding dates

In India, every wedding muhurtham wedding date is a peak wedding date & the off-peak dates are generally non muhurtham dates. As we discussed regarding holiday dates, the same things apply for peak wedding dates as well. If you are opting for a budget wedding, you could save some money with off-peak wedding dates overall.

10. Does the date have any cultural significances to you?

Apart from selecting an auspicious wedding date, there might be other cultural or traditional significances with the date. Consult with your family for the same so as to choose the right date for you.