A creative wedding decor can reflect your personal style & make your wedding more memorable & personalized. Adding your own creatives to your wedding decor makes your wedding feel personal & intimate. If you are not looking for personalized creative touches, you can add some unique finds that can enhance the overall ambience & create a more fun filled atmosphere for you & your guests.

1.Origami – Florals are a gorgeous addition to your wedding décor; you can mix it up with unique origami decorations. For example, if you have opted for a peacock themed wedding decor, you can add origami & hang them across your venue. This would enhance the ambience of your wedding venue &will complement your wedding theme perfectly.

Creative wedding decoration

2. Unique lighting – When planning your wedding decor, take a moment to create a lighting plan around them. You can create a starry sky with a celling of lights, it would be a gorgeous view for your wedding reception. If you are opting for an edgy wedding decor, you can mix It up with gorgeous chandeliers or an eye-catching light fixture.

wedding planners in coimbatore

3. Customized signage: If your wedding venue has different areas or if you have arranged your wedding decor in different areas for catering, photobooth etc., you can use personalized signage to guide your guests.

best wedding decoration in Coimbatore

4. Unique seating arrangements : Though in India, seating arrangements are usually theatrical, you can mix it up a little with a round table seating or with colorful seaters , granted your wedding venue is suitable for the same.

wedding seating decorations

5. Personalized photo displays: Have you done an awesome pre-wedding photoshoot? You can display your photos across the venue, sharing your beautiful moments with your wedding guests. You can create a photo wall or display your photos at each of their tables.

wedding photography

6. Unique photobooths: Photobooths are a great source of entertainment for your guests. A quirky photobooth such a photo library or a floral photobooth will keep your guests & their kids entertained at your wedding. They are a great memory keepsake that your wedding guests will get to take home with them.

wedding photo booth decoration

There are many wow factors for your wedding decor. Choose the one that blends with the aesthetics of your wedding venue & complements your wedding decoration. If you are going for a DIY wedding decor idea, be sure that it is a lot of fun to create & not too much of a hassle.

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  1. Create a dreamy wedding banquet with exquisite decorations. Elegant centerpieces, soft lighting, and tasteful floral arrangements transform the venue into a romantic haven. Personalized touches and vibrant colors add charm, making the celebration unforgettable.

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