As your wedding day approaches, you’re likely on the hunt for that perfect touch to elevate your decor and leave a lasting impression. While trendy themes and dazzling photobooths have their allure, savvy brides are turning to a unique addition : wedding signboards! Whether it is your wedding entrance name board or your mehendi function board there are endless ways to design & customize your wedding name boards,

There are many trending ways to customize your wedding sign boards. For your wedding entrance board – you can go for a bride & groom portrait design, banana leaves design, something quirky, add some beautiful quotes or make a simple entrance board with the thousands of beautiful readymade template designs available on the internet.

Your wedding name entrance board might be the first thing your guests see when they enter your wedding venue. We have compiled 16 different & unique wedding entrance board designs to guide you in designing your very own.

Wedding Sign Boards with Bride & Groom portraits

A wedding name board design in simple white background with portrait of bride & groom marking their varmala moment. The name board is adorned with props & colorful florals giving a traditional vibe. You can mark your important milestones & capture it perfectly for your wedding entrance board design.

Credits : @best-day-ever-by-deepika-shetty

A full portrait of bride & groom at the entrance making for a beautiful entrance name board. This can be a digital print of the couple taken during any of the pre-wedding festivities or you can also opt for a hand drawn entrance board for a personal touch.

A life like portrait of bride & groom for the wedding entrance name board, a great way to welcome your wedding guests with those big smiles. You can include your wedding initials, logo & wedding color theme for a perfect blend with your wedding aesthetics.

A simple template of bride & groom performing various wedding rituals can also be used for your wedding welcome board. Including the wedding date is also a common design element in Indian weddings.

Here’s an alternate writing version of the wedding nameboard template with a varmala design and the couple’s hashtag. This template provides a simple yet elegant design while also incorporating the couple’s hashtag for sharing memories and moments from their special day.

Sustainable Wedding Sign boards with Banana Leaves

By incorporating banana leaves into your wedding name board design, you can add a touch of nature and elegance to your special day while also staying environmentally conscious. Banana leaves make for a great wedding sign board & can be designed in different ways, creative giving a festive vibe.

This is a simple wedding name board made of many banana leaves & the names are written across the banana leaves in simple format.

Banana leave wedding name boards can be signed in different ways and adorned with unique props. A single banana leaf makes up for a creative wedding name board.

There are many templates available online to design your own wedding sign board, Here are some floral templates for your inspiration. You can customize your name board design, color, font & add your content as you need. They also enable room for your creativity to flow & can be done in an easier way.

A floral wedding sign board adorned with natural flowers to enhance the aesthetics of the entrance. You have designed your wedding name board content, but your creative wits doesn’t have to stop with just that. The way you present your welcome name board, adorned with flowers, complimented with unique props can also make for a beautiful wedding entrance.

Decor props along with wedding name board make your wedding entrance even more special. Adorned with red florals & some classic decor props, the subtle additions make a big difference to the aesthetics of the wedding name board.

Trending Wedding Sign Board templates

Floral wedding name board templates, one of the most common & trending design that most couples opt for. Adorned with some artificial florals with the same color theme as the wedding decor, adds to the wedding vibes.

A simple wedding entrance nameboard with welcoming words to wedding guests inviting them to share your celebration. You can use your own words, make it fun & quirky or opt for wordings that are welcoming & nostalgic. The couple conveyed their happiness in sharing their big moment with their family & friends, a heart warming message for all their wedding guests.

A unique way to welcome your wedding guests to your happily ever after with a creative wedding sign board. Wedding name boards doesn’t have to be the generic 4*3 size. You can get as creative as your mind flows. This unique sign with retro vibes promise just what’s written on the board – way to love, laughter & happily ever after.

How about this gorgeous peacock themed wedding sign board at your entrance? Peacocks are considered auspicious in Indian weddings. They are commonly used as wedding decor theme, incorporate subtly in decor props or even in bridal mehendi or blouse designs. This welcome board is a traditional design & perfect for your traditional setting.

Elephant motifs marking your wedding entrance with grace & grandeur. The elephant decorations are carefully picked because they mean a lot in different cultures. They’re not just there to look nice; they represent the start of something new in your life, showing respect and honor. Each elephant is decorated with bright colors and fancy details, keeping the old customs but also fitting in with the style of your wedding day.

In conclusion, wedding name boards are not just practical signs; they are also charming elements that add a personal touch to your special day. Whether you opt for rustic elegance, whimsical designs, or sleek modernity, there’s a name board design out there to suit every couple’s style and personality. From classic wooden signs to innovative acrylic creations, the possibilities are endless.

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