You have selected your bridal saree/ lehenga for you wedding reception & the perfect accessories to go with it, but there is another big choice to be made – your bridal hairstyle that goes perfectly with your bridal wear & your makeover. There is a lot to consider before choosing your bridal hairstyle for your reception night – do you want a modern look, traditional look or a mix of both?

Indian bridal hairstyles are completely diverse from beautiful open hair looks to a modern twist in bridal braids t o the stunning bridal bun. We have complied 20 plus Indian bridal hairstyle for your reception look done with different types of braids.

Butterfly hair accessories for bridal hair is a huge favorite among brides to be. They are beautiful & give a modern look to the bridal hair.

Credits: nayna_savla

How about this messy braids with slits for your wedding reception look? The white florals are gorgeous and adds a contrast look to the bride’s pink & blue wedding saree.

Credits: @abi_makeup_artist

We simply love this yellow rose bridal florals. This bride has adorned her simple plait with heavy floral work matching the saree & the jasmine florals add some extra layer of beauty to the Indian bridal hairstyle.

Credits: neetahairstylist

Fish tail for Indian bridal reception hairstyle is a perfect choice for the modern bride! They are simple but elegant to look at & this bride has adorned her hairstyle with a bunch of jasmine flowers which adds to the simplicity.

If you are not big into florals for your bridal hairdo, you can opt for bridal hair accessories. There are many designs when it comes to bridal hair accessories & you can choose either modern styles or antique styles depending on the bridal hairdo you choose.

Credits: yashi_hairstylist

If you love both of them – florals & bridal hair accessories for your bridal hairdo why not mix it up? This bride has chosen traditional bridal hair accessories matching her blouse design & adorned with simple jasmine flower bunch.

Credits: urbanstylebridalstudio

A stunning Indian reception bridal hairdo adorned with jasmine florals, perfect for the minimalistic bride!

Credits: hairytalebykomal

If you are looking for a traditional bridal braid with a contemporary touch, the this one is for you!

Credits: glamtouchbykalai

We are in awe of this messy braid with a floral twist! A modern look that perfectly goes with the saree!

Credits: hairartistry_by_madhukeerthi_

A perfect engagement bridal hairdo that is simple & minimalistic.

Credits: sargunamakeupartist

Totally love this loosely braided bridal hair do adorned with bridal hair accessories.

Credits: divinedropstudio

How stunning is this braided bridal hair do for a wedding reception night?

Credits: priyasandeepmakeupartistry

If you are a bride who wants an easy bridal hair do that you can pull through the long day, bookmark this for your special day!

Credits: arthinaveenhairandmakeup

If you have colored you hair, you can show it off with a bridal hair do that emphasizes the colors, making it the center of your hairdo style.

Credits: kavyahairstylist

Matching bridal florals adds beauty to the bridal hairdo when wearing a saree. Indian sarees are a tapestry of colors that are simply beautiful to look at, matching the bridal flowers to the saree color is a perfect compliment to the whole bridal look.

Credits: kowshi_mua

How gorgeous is this Indian bridal hairdo with beautiful plaits?

Credits: nageshmakeover09

If you are big into using florals for your bridal hair, you can choose a simple bridal hair do and some big florals to it.

Credits: amirthahairandmakeup

Right out of the traditional look, how gorgeous is this bridal hairdo adorned with lots of florals?

Credits: priyams_makeover

Make a statement with your bridal hairdo with a different braid style & adding a touch of sparkle to it!

Credits: yashi_hairstylist

We are in love with this look bridal hairdo along with simple florals!

Credits: anjusingh_hairstylist

This sleek bridal hairdo with simple accessories & bridal veni is a showstopper!

Credits: prabiya_bridal_makeover

We love bridal hairdos that have a modern edgy style adorned with the traditional flowers. This bridal hairstyle is a fusion of both & swoonworthy!

Credits: shantiniglitz.mua