Haldi is usually an intimate ceremony that happens at home or in a small venue with your close circle. Haldi being an intimate ceremony, can also be one of the most picture-perfect ceremony with its colorful vibes. The decor is always one to remember for its bright hues & goes well with the fun vibes of the ceremony itself.

We have put together 24 haldi decoration ideas for your home ranging from their traditional vibes, contemporary flair to quirky designs. Every idea on this blog is stunning & affordable – the perfect combo when it comes to haldi decoration at home.


A mix of marigold & banana leaves haldi decor.

If you are looking for an eco friendly haldi decoration at home, this decor is a stunning option. Done with banana leaves, natural flowers & traditional props, this decor is simple & beautiful. A simple one with few elements, focusing on being eco friendly & incorporation the bright yellow marigold with the soothing green leaves is perfect for a simple haldi decoration at home.

A beautiful simple structure adorned with yellow marigold flowers & banana leaves.

This decor is simple & perfect for both indoor & outdoor haldi decoration at home. Though the decor requires a lot of marigold flowers to be stringed perfectly, this haldi decor is pretty easy to execute & the banana leaves on both sides adds an extra natural flair to the haldi decor.

A traditional haldi decoration at home made completely of banana leaves & adorned with marigold floral hangings.

With the last 2 decor incorporating banana leaves as a part of the haldi decor, this decor is completely made of banana leaves. If you are planning an eco-friendly haldi decoration at home, banana leaves are the popular way to go. They are stunning, affordable & offers you just the picture-perfect backdrop for your haldi function.


Another popular option when it comes to planning a haldi decoration at home is using an artificial green wall as the main backdrrop.

If you are choosing the classic yellow haldi dress, or any haldi dress in bright colors, this artificial green wall is a great choice for your wedding photographs. The execution is simple & the haldi decor is affordable & beautiful.

A stunning haldi decoration at home adorned with marigold flowers

This is a simple haldi decoration with green wall as backdrop & beautifully adorned marigolds. With a traditional vibe, the uruli adds perfect touch to the entire decoration.

If you have a home garden, this haldi decor goes perfectly in your backyard.

A simple green wall as backdrop & the yellow marigolds on the side add extra flair to the haldi decor. The initials of the bride & groom adds personalization and this is the perfect haldi decoration at home when you have a beautiful garden.


A simple haldi decoration at home completely covered in yellow marigold florals. If you are looking for a modern haldi decoration with a modern touch then this is the decor for you!

A beautiful simple haldi decoration at home with artificial floral hangings, beautiful props & a contrast seating to add a pop of color to the photographs. This haldi decor is perfect for a corner of your living room.

If you love the traditional haldi florals then this haldi decor is for you! Decorated completely in yellow hues and with a touch of orange marigolds in a decor full of yellow marigolds, it adds a pop of color to the overall decor.

This is one of the most aesthetic haldi decoration. It’s simple, classic with a modern touch & perfect for your haldi decoration at home. Right from the haldi seating to the simple props with colorful flowers, this decor is perfect for the minimalistic bride.

A perfect outdoor haldi decoration that blends with the greenery of the garden. The colorful yellow marigold hangings is the perfect haldi touch to the decor.

Haldi decorations doesn’t have to be all about the yellow & orange marigolds. This haldi decoration is a mix of yellow & white floral hanging with a green outer frame & the touch of sunflowers is simply stunning. An elegant haldi decoration at home.

A minimalistic haldi decoration at home that is economic & the simple green screen with contrast floral colors is perfect for a simple haldi decoration.


This haldi decoration done with A frames is a trending haldi design for its unique features. They looks simple, stunning & offer lots of room for creativity.

How beautiful is this haldi decoration with unique structures. Depending on the size of your home/ wedding venue you can reduce or add some structures to this decor & play around with the floral colors depending on your style.

With a tri color combo this haldi decorations looks simply stunning. Adorned with yellow & orange marigolds, the green perfectly balances the bright colorful aesthetics. A beautiful contemporary haldi decoration at home.


If you are looking for a complete traditional haldi decoration, this decor is for you. With the gorgeous lotus seating & the decor completely filled in colorful florals, the traditional vibes of this mangalasanam decor is infectious!

The round structures for decor have a special vibe to them. They are traditional, simple & look grand at the same time. Though there are many elements in this haldi decor, only the round structure decorated with florals is perfect for your haldi decoration at home.

The full rounded structure is the highlight of this haldi decoration. This decor suits for both outdoor & indoor haldi decoration.

This beautiful haldi decoration is done at the couple’s spacious balcony. The floral design steals the show with its beautiful design & perfect execution. A simple green cloth background with floral hangings is mixed with a lot of traditional props & adorned with florals, giving the perfect traditional haldi decoration vibes.


If you are looking for a haldi decor that is done in any color other than the bright yellow or orange, blue goes well for a contemporary haldi decoration at home. It’s unique, beautiful & simple.

Subtle haldi hues are all the rage right now. Check out this haldi decoration with light yellow & light blue that matches perfectly with the home aesthetics.

If you want to go all out with your haldi decoration at home with a traditional flair & quirky designs, this one is for you!

How cool is this one of a kind haldi decoration? With a mix of marigold florals, bells & traditional props, this decor is a fusion of modern & traditional aesthetics.