We understand how important it is to choose the right lehenga for you wedding wear. There are so many trending bridal lehenga designs, colors & then there are your favorite bridal designers. Once you have set your mind on choosing a bridal lehenga for your wedding reception, the next biggest decision would be where do you shop? There are many designers, bridal shops & online store for you to browse.

There are many questions to ask yourself before you go browsing in multiple shops. Take a look at your wardrobe, what is your favorite color to wear? Which color looks best on you? Do you have a preference for certain fabric? Do you like traditional designs or contemporary designs? There are many choices to be made.

Latest & trending bridal lehenga designs

We have rounded up some of the latest & trending bridal lehenga designs in beautiful colors for your inspiration. Browse the latest bridal lehenga collection in attractive colors & designs to choose your bridal wear.

Rani Pink Sequin Zari Embroidered Silk Lehenga Set With Embroidered Blouse And Dupatta

Trending bridal lehenga design in rani pink.

If pink is your chosen color, this Rani pink bridal lehenga is a definite classic color for your bridal wear. In bridal fashion, Rani pink exudes grandeur & sophistication. With its regal undertones, this color is definitely the one for romantics & brides who are going for a regal look.

With its beautiful embroidery designs & majestic look, this Rani pink bridal lehenga is a stunning choice for your big day!

Powdered Blue Sequin And Mirror Embroidered Lehenga Set with Blouse And Dupatta

Mark your wedding day with this stunning Power Blue Sequin & Mirror Embroidered bridal lehenga set. Crafted from georgette fabric this bridal lehenga ensures comfort, elegance & completes your bridal look. The intricate sequin & embroidery makes this bridal lehenga look regal & gives a timeless bridal look.

To complete your bridal look, the matching mesh dupatta adds grace & beauty to your bridal attire.

This is a sure look to make you feel confident & radiant on your wedding day.

Ivory Sequin Zari Embroidered Bridal Lehenga And Blouse set with Dupatta And Belt

A timeless elegance & regal bridal look with latest bridal lehenga.

Designed in luxurious silk fabric this Ivory sequin bridal lehenga elevates your bridal charm. The sweetheart neckline & the short sleeves give a contemporary look to the traditional design patterns. Ivory is a classic color choice for brides, a popular options among brides who want a traditional yet subtle look.

Ivory compliments various skin tones & also pops against a bright colored wedding decor & theme.

Red Sequin Embroidered Bridal Lehenga And Blouse Set with Dupatta And Belt

The classic red bridal look with trending bridal lehenga design.

Deeply rooted in Indian traditions, red bridal lehenga is the most preferred choice amongst brides for their wedding day.

The color red is all about passion, love & is a stunning eye-catching color for bridal lehengas.

This red bridal lehenga with intricate embroidery designs exudes classic allure & promises a timeless, classic look enhancing bridal ensemble.

A timeless color & design for bridal lehenga.

Maroon Abstract Floral Embroidered Lehenga Set With Embroidered Blouse And Dupatta

A regal modern bridal look with latest bridal lehenga design.

A stunning dark colored bridal lehenga with floral embroidery. A contemporary bridal look with sweetheart neckline, a beautiful bridal lehenga for a dazzling wedding reception. If you are going with a light colored background for your wedding decoration, this contrast color would be the perfect choice for picture perfect wedding photographs.

An embellished beauty.

Powder Pink Sequin And Mirror Embroidered Lehenga Set With Blouse And Dupatta

An intricately designed latest bridal lehenga.

Designed in luxurious georgette fabric, intricately designed with sequin and mirror embroidery exudes bridal elegance. The powder pink color for bridal lehenga is a popular choice for the pink lovers out there. If you are looking for a bridal lehenga that is modern & designed in contemporary patterns, then this is the one for you.

A bridal look in sheer elegance

A Mix of Brown and White Geometric Sequin Embroidered Bridla Lehenga Set With Blouse and Attached Drape.

A contemporary bridal look with this trending bridal lehenga.

Intricate motifs inspired by modern geometry, this bridal lehenga is intricately designed with dual colored geometric patterns. Designed in mesh and lined with poly crepe, the geometric patterns seamlessly align with the fabric. Completing the bridal ensemble, a sheer brown dupatta is the perfect addition to this bridal lehenga.

Make a bold statement with this gorgeous bridal lehenga.

Dark Pink Floral Embroidered Mesh Bridal Lehenga Set With Embroidered Blouse And Dupatta

A trending bridal lehenga with self color floral embroidery.

A bold choice of color, dark pink lehenga is all about strong femininity & elegance. This bridal lehenga color goes perfectly with light colored wedding decoration making the dark pink color pop. There are different shades in pink & this dark pink for lehenga is a classic & elegant choice for a bold bridal look. Complimented with the same color dupatta, it completed the bridal look perfectly.

A bold & elegant bridal look.

Red Floral Sequin Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Set with Hand Embroidered Blouse and Dupatta

A classic & traditional bridal look with this latest bridal lehenga design.

Red bridal lehengas are a timeless choice & that paired with intricate embroidery work is the most preferred choice for many brides.

Designed in chinon fabric, the embroidery work on the fabric is elaborate & meticulously detailed.

The contrast design of a heavily embroidered skirt along with the simple embroidery on the blouse perfectly compliments the overall bridal look.

White tonal Geometric Sequin Bridal Lehenga Set with Embroidered Blouse and Dupatta

A classic white beauty latest bridal lehenga.

This magical bridal lehenga is designed in mesh fabric & features delicate sequin embroidery. A shimmering white lehenga with subtle geometric patterns adds charm to the overall bridal ensemble.

Sweetheart neckline & sleeveless design perfectly matches the fabric designs. A charming bridal lehenga for the white lovers.

A classic beauty.

Choosing your bridal lehenga is an important choice as it set the tone for your bridal ensemble. It reflects your individual style & makes you feel confident on your big day. There are many latest bridal lehenga designs. Click on the below link for trending bridal lehenga designs.

Latest Bridal lehenga designs