When you are in search of the perfect mehndi design for your wedding, most brides immediately look for back hand mehndi designs because they are the most prominent in wedding photographs. Then they choose front hand mehndi designs & leg mehndi designs. The one minute detail they miss out on is the finger mehndi designs – they are small & mostly come as an afterthought.

But here is the thing, finger mehndi designs are an integral part of full hand mehndi designs. Finger mehndi designs are more than about just filling the spaces, they compliment the overall mehndi design.

Finger mehndi designs are not only a part of full hand mehndi designs, if you are a bride looking for minimalistic mehndi designs then finger mehndi designs for back hand is the perfect choice for you. We have rounded up a list of 23 finger mehndi designs perfect for brides & other festive celebrations.

A bold & elaborate back hand mehndi pattern & the fingers are adorned in intricate patterns and motifs that blend traditional elements with modern aesthetics.


A beautiful finger mehndi design – contemporary & simple.

The Back hand finger mehndi looks gorgeous with the many small designs & the big centered heart takes the focus of the back mehndi design.


A super artsy finger mehndi art with floral elegance for a unique mehndi design.

A simple one sides Arabic mehndi design with distinct mehndi patterns.


We simply adore this mehndi design with its traditional focus & a modern twist. The lotus themed mandal design is the theme of this back hand mehndi design. Finger mehndi design is adorned with different shades of lines ended with a beautiful lotus motif.

A minimalistic finger mehndi design. This design features pretty patterns that are simple & strike a balance between tradition & modernity.

This back hand is adorned with a gorgeous circular pattern & the finger mehndi is also designed with similar patterns as on back hand,


How about this traditional finger mehndi design for your next function?

The mehndi art is a beautiful and design that covers the back hand and extend onto their wrist. With a floral motif focus for the back hand mehndi design, finger mehndi is adorned with simple leaf motifs.

A front hand mehndi design where the fingers are adorned in alternate mehndi patterns with clear lines & beautiful patterns.

The mehndi design extends gracefully onto each finger, with delicate patterns adorning the fingertips. Each finger features clear lines & unique motifs like this small flower.

The Back hand finger mehndi art adorned with dotted lines, which is beautifully connected with diamond curve ended with a swirl.

Finger mehndi designs can be designed individually featuring unique elements on each one. These small heart s& a floral motif are the perfect design for a fun & quirky mehndi design.


A beautiful Arabic mehndi design with mango & floral patterns. In Arabic mehndi design usually the single finger is adorned with mehndi art, but in this mehndi design each finger is adorned with different mehndi patterns.

A minimalistic finger mehndi design perfectly complimenting the back hand mango motif mehndi design. A jewelry like pattern in a single finger highlighting the design & the other fingers are adorned with simple swirls.

An intricate bracelet like mehndi design for back hand. To match the pattern, the finger mehndi design is also intricate with minute detailing.

The mehndi design on the finger in the image is quite intricate and detailed. It is a beautiful mehndi design with the symmetric lines and rounded flowers.

The back hand fingers beautifully adorned with henna in Arabic design. This mehndi design includes clear lines, leaf and round patterns that are characteristic of mehndi art, such as swirls, dots, and lines that create a complex and visually appealing design.

A bracelet type mehndi design for back hand & the finger mehndi art is minimalistic & eye catchy.

The finger mehndi art in traditional design. The Finger art featuring a combination of swirls and leaves, which is a common motif in traditional mehndi art.

An Arabic finger mehndi design. The design is beautifully adorned with mango art and leaf. The middle finger is adorned with light jaal mehndi design.

The Back hand finger mehndi design can be designed with different type of floral motifs. This mehndi is simple and elegant with floral designs.

This mehndi design shows a close-up of back hand adorned with Arabic mehndi design. Finger mehndi art doesn’t usually take the center stage when it comes to Arabic mehndi design & goes along with the overall design.

The back hand exquisitely embellished with mehndi in a mango pattern which is more famous in traditional culture. The design is highly detailed with each element having a distinct shape and texture, giving it a very realistic appearance. The overall effect is a stunning and eye-catching piece of mehndi art that showcases the beauty and intricacy of mehndi designs.

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